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ABC BBA program provides advanced knowledge, understanding and analytical skills for managing in the twenty-first century. This involves using a wide range of knowledge and research from the social sciences, applied sciences and humanities to develop inter-disciplinary and thematic frameworks that will enable managers to successfully analyze, strategically plan and implement decisions.

The disciplines of economics, accounting, business law, information technology, social and cognitive psychology, economic and organizational sociology, political economy and statistics are used to understand the key themes that confront all managers and organizations.

The program offers four different majors, as set out below. These can also be combined as double majors, for example Bachelor of Business (Marketing) & (International Tourism)

Students must select their major when enrolling in their final year of study.

  • International Tourism

This major combines general business studies with subjects including tourist and customer behaviour management, tourism research management, tourism marketing and the specifics of international tourism. JCU’s tourism programs are internationally recognized and JCU tourism graduates are offered employment throughout Australia and Asia .

  • International Business

Globalization, global commerce and the development of communication technologies mean that many businesses can now operate in the international market place. In addition to providing a grounding in general business principles, the program includes specialist study areas in: international trade, marketing and human resource management, international venture management, alliances and networks in international business and international services management.

  • Management

Management skills are essential for all organizations. Students receive a firm grounding in managing organizations, business communications and information systems, accounting for decision-making, economics and commercial law.

  • Marketing

Marketing not only involves selling and promotion, it encompasses research and development of appropriate products, monitoring consumer demand, price, policy, communication and customer service. Graduates are qualified to enter careers such as: marketing strategists and researchers, advertising executives, public relations managers, purchasing executives, sales directors, product development specialists, customers service managers, and promotion and merchandising executives.


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