Application Procedure


I. Submit preliminary application material.

  • Chinese & English resumes.
  • Degree copy.
  • ID card copy.
  • Application fee HKD3000.

II. Applicants after preliminary screen will be arranged to take interview (40 minutes) and management-oriented paper test (2 hours).

III. The interview and paper test results will be sent by express or email within one week and applicants will know whether they are qualified to enroll in the program according to their comprehensive conditions and exam results. The admission letter signed by Dean of HABC will be issued within 3 weeks if they are qualified.

IV. Applicants need to submit the following formal materials within one month

  • MBA application form.
  • 5 passport photos or electronic photo.
  • Two business cards.
  • Chinese copy of bachelor degree and transcript as well as their English translations. All need university’s red chop on them.
  • Two reference letters.

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